ECS Inc. provides products and services to prevent soil erosion due to wind and water in places where natural ground cover has been removed or damaged.

Erosion Control Products

Builder Grade Silt Fence

Wire Backed Silt Fence

Super Silt Fence


Dirt Bags

Silt Soxx

Soil Stabilization

Dust Control

Temporary dry seeding

Permanent dry seeding

Permanent Hydro seeding

Flexterra flexible growth medium: hydraulically applied erosion blanket

Turf Reinforcement Mats: permanent product designed for steep slopes and channels

BFM-Bonded Fiber Matrix applications

Inlet Protection

Type 1 Inlet Protection

Type 2 Inlet Protection: DE spec high flow Silt Sacks

Type 1 and 2 Inlet Service Clean: Service cleaning of devices as needed

Erosion Blanket Installation

Single sided straw blanket: basic type of straw mat lasts 6-12 months

Double sided straw blanket: basic type of straw mat lasts 6-12 months

Single net excelsior blanket: wooden fiber mat lasts 6-12 months

SC-2 straw/coconut blanket: mix of coconut and straw, lasts 10-24 months

C-2 full coconut blanket: fully made of coconut lasts 2-3 years

General Services

Orange 4′ Poly Safety Fence: consists of 10′ o. c. metal stakes with 4′ poly fencing

Delineation Fence: consists of florescent nylon rope on 12′ o. c. stakes

Sewer Invert Warning Wrap: wraps each invert with high visibility fencing and metal stakes

Water Box Warning Wrap: wraps each box with high visibility fencing and metal stakes

Concrete Washouts

Stone Construction Entrances

Turf Paver Stones

Inlet Silt Bags


ECS Inc, is a company that possesses the erosion and sediment (E&S) skills to meet the needs of our customers.


Our work crews are experts in Commercial, Industrial and Real Estate Erosion preventive projects. Our foreman have completed both DNAC and IECA training and have each earned their certified Blue Card.


We can manage storm water and erosion control on Construction sites needing balance between environmental regulations, costs and logistics.


It is our business to guide you through the regulations required and to help find the most cost-efficient methods of erosion and settlement control. Thus, enabling you, the contractor, to focus on completing a successful project.